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Welcome to Innovation By Technology Solutions

The most innovative organizations are those who use intensively Information and communication technologies ICT. Medium and small, businesses that use ICT intensively increase their innovative capacity. The important effect comes from the intensity of use, not just the presence of technology in the company.
In this context of innovation pushed by ICT , I present myself as an IT person passionate about new technologies, which plan and develop solutions for businesses ; design and implementation of databases, server configuration, planning and installation of secure local and wide area networks, development of websites and ensuring their ranking in search engines.

Development of
quality websites

Your Website is a Showcase of Your Business

Whatever the size of your company, its field of activity, Internet presence is now essential. A website is an information, communication and marketing carrier. I will not only make your websites, I will build an image of your company on the internet.
The seriousness, care and professionalism contributed to the creation of your website, in the presentation of your business will tend to convince prospects that they will be treated with the same criteria.

Customized websites,
at The Height
Of Your Expectations

Ranking in Search Engine

Google released two major updates to its algorithms in recent years, which has significantly changed the landscape of search engine optimization. The purpose of these updates was to stop those who cheat the system, making their sites appear relevant to search engines when they are not really. It takes time, experience and a good understanding of how the Google algorithm works to succeed with SEO. These algorithms change frequently, and it will continue to change. you have to prove to Google that you deserve to be at the top of the rankings. That's where I intervene following a process of several steps:

keywords strategy

Based on the audience you want to reach and the products or services you want to prioritize, I build a list of keywords that will register with the search engines. I monitor the performance of your site to identify the keywords that will generate the best results over time. The keywords alone are not the answer to optimizing your website, but you must use them effectively, and that's what I know to do well.

Content Optimization

The content of your website has the greatest influence on its ranking in search engines.
By regularly updating your site with a well optimized content, you give the search engines exactly what they want, and you can increase your ranking. I use optimization strategies to create content that accurately represents your brand and improve your performance.

links Building

links are vital to ensure visibility in the search engines, and they are still one of the most important signals to maximize the visibility of a website.
Improved link is essential for all websites that want to be competitive in the search results.
A good links strategy is to build relationships, create magnetic content, increase referral traffic, maximize brand visibility to improve SEO.

social media promotion

Having a presence on social networks is very important, we must participate in social platforms in a real and authentic way.
Good things happen when more people see your site and your brand.
If you do not have a Twitter account, a Facebook page or Google+ fans, you are about to underestimate the return that may have to build a network that can help spread your site and your brand.

Website Performance Optimization

I leave nothing to chance, especially your success. Web analyzers are crucial for your online marketing, providing information that helps you understand the behaviors, interests and priorities of your visitors.
I regularly determines and monitors key performance indicators of your website.
My analysis reports provide you with data showing the effectiveness of your campaign and how consumers interact with your site.

Innovation By Technologie Solutions

Large and small, companies that make extensive use of information and
communication technologies increase their innovative capacity.

Networking Consulting

I provid on-site support services, consulting services, systems engineering services, design and installation LAN / WAN, Internet access, E-Mail support services,Internet and network security, and integration of security systems. Networks Solutions include: cabling, fiber optics, storage solutions, VoIP telephony systems, video surveillance, security, firewall, VPN, NAS, SAN and UPS.

Data Bases Consulting

Whether you are looking to design a new data model for implementing a database, need a health check of the performance of your Oracle deployment or need assistance in migration to SQL Server Cloud platform , or need CRM integration such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I'm here to help.
My expertise covers the following technologies: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL.

On site support,
and systems
analysis services

consulting in
systems, networks,
and databases.